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Saturday, 14 January 2017


  1. Time flies at work You're shocked every time you check the clock at work. The hours just seem to be racing by. It's not like you feel you're running out of time — you're getting plenty done. The day just seems to go by so quickly. This is probably a sign you're perfect for the job, since, as we've all heard, time flies when you're having fun.
  2. You challenge yourself and take risks You're able to push yourself out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. You're at an organization that doesn't punish every little mistake; in fact, it encourages its workers to experiment and test the limits. Sure, this can be a bit scary sometimes, but it's also a sign that you're in an ideal work environment.
3. You don't need coffee every morning Maybe you still grab your usual frappé on the way to work, but you don't need it to stay awake. Your energy comes from being excited about all the cool work you're going to get to do today. 4. Your boss pushes you You might think that having a super sweet boss is a sign of having a great job. That's not necessarily true, though. "Nice" bosses avoid conflict of all sorts, to the detriment of their teams. Good bosses know when to be supportive and when to push their employees to strive for more. You're probably in a great spot if your manager is able to strike this balance and challenge you to do your best and push your limits.
  5. Your coworkers are more like friends You've really bonded with the people you work with. Sure, you're competitive and you push each other, but at the end of the day you're still a team. If you consider your colleagues more as friends than anything else, you've definitely landed something very special.
 6. You have enough time for loved ones — and yourself Any so-called dream job that wrecks your health, personal relationships, or work-life balance definitely does not deserve that moniker. You know a job is right for you when it allows you to succeed, while also making time for your friends, family, and hobbies.
 7. You're calm on Sundays Some people hate Sundays because they mark the end of the weekend. Of course, you recognize that the weekend's awesome. You enjoy your time off. However, you don't feel any dread or sadness Sunday night. In fact, you might be a little excited to tackle the workweek. 8. You're annoying on Mondays You're the early bird that's cheerfully chirping around the office every gray Monday morning. Everyone might hate you for that, but it doesn't matter. You're annoyingly positive because you're actually happy to be at work. 9. You never shut up about work This is a pretty annoying habit (especially if you're a braggart or a terrible storyteller), but it's also a good sign if you're constantly spewing positive or funny stories about your job — as long as you're being sincere, of course. You're clearly very engaged with the job, and eager to share what you've been up to with others. Just make sure not to overload your friends and family with too many work stories.
  10. Your organization's doing well This one's more of an external factor, but it's still important. What's the point of landing your dream role in a company that's dying a swift, bitter death?
11. You're fine with necessary, mundane tasks OK, busywork is never going to be anyone's favorite part of work (unless you're Jerry/Garry from "Parks and Rec"). However, if you're in a great job, you don't mind the occasional boring chore. You're not excited about it, but repetitive or mundane tasks just don't drive you crazy. You know that once you're done, you'll be able to get back to doing what you love.
  12. Money's not an issue Even a dream job can turn into a nightmare if you're not being paid well. People who're in the right job don't have this problem. Forget fair (you should never settle for a "fair" salary) — your pay is awesome. You feel like your compensation is an accurate reflection of the value you bring to the organization.
  13. You want your boss's job If you like your job but your manager's gig is giving you a serious case of professional envy, that's not necessarily a bad sign. It probably means that you're well-suited for an upward trajectory at your company

Friday, 13 January 2017


See what these men did to this dog Mungu wangu dunia isimame nishuke!!!

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017


  •  Passion without Action . Excitement without Strategy; Raila Odinga is not known to work with any Common Plan - a clear program of activities that's technically initiated and supported by a competent Team under a budget. For instance , the forthcoming voter registration exercise will be uncoordinated, disorganized and poor in CORD strongholds. Elections is about numbers ; votes. 
  •  2. Raila/Kalonzo Ticket is 2013 story . Old and lacking inspiration or motivation. What new thing will they do that they never did in 2013? Some Kambas will not take it and as a consequence cause Jubilee to infiltrate the area. Additionally, Musalia Mudavadi will be left hanging and with the attendant reduction of 'presidential value' he may fail to marshal the Luhya block and thereby cause Jubilee to infiltrate the area too. 
  •  3. Raila / Mudavadi ticket on the other hand will be too imbalanced because they both come from Western region. Moreover, it will leave the Kamba completely in the cold .They will troupe back to Jubilee without any seduction. They will be too willing to be raped by Jubilee. 
  • 4. Raila ticket is traditionally rigging prone. He will be rigged out the third time and there is nothing he'll be able to do about it . Mass action cannot work this time round just as it failed to work in 2013. Few Kenyans are ready to die for politicians short of a revolution. And the few that are ready to die will be beaten to a pulp by a police force that has already been mechanized and armed to the teeth by Jubilee.
  •  5. After engineering the restructuring of the IEBC through 'Aibisi Must Go ' demonstrations and with the new commissioners competitively shortlisted , vetted and approved by Parliament Raila has been robbed of the moral authority to 'cry wolf'. Jubilee rigging wolf will attack him and villagers down the hill will not heed his cry for help. Wamezoea. On the basis of the foregoing , NASA , or whatever name it will go by has ONLY ONE option ; Mudavadi/ Kalonzo ticket strongly backed by Raila Odinga and exhibiting a level of political competence never seen before . Without that competence even that ticket is doomed. The trick behind this ticket is to consolidate Nyanza, Western , Coast, Nairobi and contain the restless Kambas ( Mudavadi/Kalonzo ticket shows sacrifice on the part of Raila) . In fact, that ticket being less polarizing will look very friendly and politically cool to the people of Rift Valley. Take it or leave it.